A letter from your daughter in a different state.


Dear Mom,

Remember when I used to have sleep overs with friends and call you in the middle of the night because I wanted to come home? HOMESICK. Remember when you visited me at my two months of sleep away camp and I cried when it was time for you to leave? HOMESICK. Remember when we packed up my whole room because it was time for me to move away?


 Here I am on the other side of the country and there you are all the way over there. How’s the weather over there? How’s the time difference? How’s life without seeing your annoying, loud, obnoxious, loving daughter? Is it quiet? Is it boring? Relaxing? Amazing? I’m sure it’s a little bit of both. I’m also guessing it’s like i never left due to the fact that I call and facetime every ten seconds. Hey, I’m just making sure I’m not missing out on anything!

The thing is, moving away is hard. I miss you so much and it sucks that I cant yell and argue with you at least twice a week. There’s times when I need you, because I don’t want to be an adult. When I get sick, I don’t want to go to the doctors alone, let alone make my own appointment. I want you to take care of me and check on me every 5 minutes. I want you to make me soup, and I want to be so dependent on you to take care of me. But you’re over there and I’m over here. This sucks. What about when I have a problem that I need help solving? Or when I need you to drive me around because I don’t know where I’m going?

But mom, don’t worry! I have GPS! I may be living on instant oatmeal, but I’m staying alive! I’m making my bed (well, actually that’s a lie)! I’m doing laundry! And yes, I do keep my room clean on occasion! I got my first real job! I’m being proactive! I’m working hard and making things happen! See, I’m capable of being an adult and doing adult things!

I may be an “adult” now, but let’s face it…there’s no way I can be as adult like as you. Everyone needs their mom. Always. No matter how old I get, I’ll still have my child-like issues that I need you to take care of for me. I think about becoming a mom someday, but know I can never be as great as you are to me. At least my kid will have the best grandma around!!

Mom, I love you. I miss you. I need you. Always. Even though I’m on one side of the country and you’re on the other, we’ll always be there for eachother. But don’t worry, when I come home to visit you’re in charge of doing my laundry and keeping me fed and clean. Just like old times. Nothing has changed. I love you mommy!


your little adult




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