A letter to my Starbucks barista.

Dear Starbucks Barista,

Or I guess I should say: Dear MY Starbucks Barista..

THANK YOU. Just a flat out thank you to you. I have so much to thank you for, the list is infinite.

First off, thank you for understanding. Understanding that no matter how shitty my day is, no matter how great my day is, you know that this is the perfect cure to either. Understanding that when I say I would like a “tall” green tea, you automatically turn it into a “venti” because a tall to me is like one lick of a lollipop to a child. You always need more, or you don’t get the full effect.  Thanks for understanding that the rare times I order a coffee, you know I had a long night, and you know not to even ask.

Thank you, Starbucks barista, for greeting me with a smile every day (sometimes even three times a day) even though the amount of nasty costumers that pissed you off before I walked in is way too many. When I see you, I know I’ll be in a good mood due to the fact that you also are in one. I know I’ll feel good because you’ll provide me with the most refreshing drink ever imagined. You get me. You know my work schedule. You know when I’m on my lunch break. I don’t need to explain anything to anyone when I arrive, and for that I thank you.

Dear friend of mine who I never fail to see at least once a day, THANK YOU FOR SPELLING MY NAME RIGHT. It’s never the same experience at any other coffee shop. I never thought I had that hard of a name to spell, but then again there are 10 million ways to spell my name. I’m sorry for cheating on you. When I’m not in the area and need my daily fix, I always feel guilty for stopping somewhere other than your shop, and then I automatically regret it. I mean that’s basically the same thing as cheating on your significant other, right? Besides, I have yet to find another barista who spells my name the correct way, and who’s handwriting I can actually read.

Like I said, the list goes on and on…

So for that, I thank you. Thank you for providing me with my Venti Unsweetened Iced Green Tea. You make this world a better place.

Forever your friend and loyal customer,






your friend and customer,





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