A letter to my furry best friend.

Dear my little furry friend,

The very moment I laid my eyes on you, my heart was stolen. Watching you grow from a little pup to a family member with a reserved spot at the dinner table, makes it seem like time has flown by. You have learned so much and won over so many people, and it never ends. Who would have thought that in such a short amount of time you’d become not only my pet, but my sister, confidant, and best friend as well.

I might be some annoying girl who’s always speaking to you in a high pitched voice like she’s talking to a “wittle wittle baby,” but I at least hope I mean a little more to you than just that. I hope you think of me as some irritating girl who’s allowed to bug you, and play with you, and allowed to ignore you, because of the fact that I’m your sister. Hey, I didn’t make that up…it’s how the sibling handbook goes. But when you bark at me in the middle of my movie because you want to play, bad timing. When you bark at me the moment my friends come over, also bad timing…just because there’s more people in a room, doesn’t necessarily mean more people who will play with you. So stop stealing my friends from me!

I do have to give you some credit for your extreme amount of energy. You keep me young-always wanting to play and run around and run around some more. Have I mentioned that cardio is not my strong point? Thanks for keeping me in shape! Thank you for being the only one in the family who NEVER turns down my ideas of going for runs and doing some sort of exercise. It’s nice to have a friend who’s always down for some good ole physical activity.

I must say, it’s also quite nice to have someone who is just as lazy as I am. Yes mom, we are passed out on the kitchen floor. Leave us alone. Stop judging us and let us live our lives. I totally understand that at some points throughout the day you want nothing to do with your toys, but don’t worry, I’ll still shove them in your face until you do decide to play with me.

Another reason I like to consider you my best friend…YOU NEVER SAY NO TO FOOD! ME NEITHER!! If you offer me food, I will always take it and vice versa. I mean, who can resist food!? You like the exact same foods I do and you can definitely devour just as much as I can. I must say, that’s pretty impressive. You know what they say, friends who eat together stay together. It’s also nice to be able to eat a whole pizza by myself without worrying that you’ll judge me. Because I know you’d do the same!! I’ve never felt so comfortable stuffing my face in front of someone before, but with you everything is different.

You know when I’m crying, you know when I’m sick, and you always know when something isn’t right. You try and snuggle right up next to me when you know something is up. You try to take care of me and give me a whole bunch of kisses. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for greeting me with kisses and hugs and lots of pee when you haven’t seen me in months. Thank you for never forgetting who I am. And most of all, thank you for never forgetting the part you play in my life. Stay sassy, stay lovable, and stay my best friend.

 Forever and always,

Your human companion, sister, and bestie.





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