A letter to my hometown.

Dear Hometown,

I’m writing this letter not only to you, but to everyone who resides there as well. Because of you and all of your people, I am who I am. To this very day, I cannot imagine growing up in any other neighborhood, city, or state. You are the reason I act the way I act, and speak the way I speak. You are the reason I play the sports I play, and you are the reason I live the way I live.

Who knew growing up in such a small town would have such a big impact on me? Let’s start off by mentioning how your four seasons have a major affect on me. They really seem to be the foundation of my sensitive skin and damaged hair. Winter- the season of my hairy legs, dry skin, and damaged hair. The season where all the kids in the neighborhood come together to build a snowman.  Fall- the season of dyed hair and new makeup. The season where the trees in my backyard look naked, but where the ground looks so colorful. Summer- the season of tinted peeling skin, frizzy hair, and a natural face.  The season where our town’s one and only lake is packed with boats and tubers. Spring- the season of headaches and allergies for all. The season where the air smells due to the abundant amount of Callery Pear Trees. Thank you seasons, because of you, my hair automatically frizzes in any source of heat and my skin automatically breaks out when using a different water source. I have become so accustomed to your environment that any other place causes major side effects.

Aside from your environment, your people have also shaped me. Your teachers, coaches, classmates, teammates have all had some sort of influence.

They teach.

Because of your teachers, I am able to learn and teach. Because of them, I am a visual learner. They are the reason, I am able to explain to others in a way so it is understood. I have been taught to think about choices I make in every day life. Your coaches taught me the game. The rules of the game. The wins of the game and also the losses. They have taught me the foundation that makes a team one. The teammates and classmates you gave me taught me to grow into a bigger and better person each day. I have learned to love and nurture. I have learned to care and accept. I have been taught the importance of friendship, and the signs of a true friend. Because of you all, I am my own person. Because of you all, I am me.

My sweet hometown, I am forever a fan. A sports fan. No matter how bad your team is, no matter where I live, and no matter how much others hate you, I will always be your #1. Without a doubt. Please never forget that.

Because I moved away from my hometown, I feel sorrow. Leaving everything I know for a new environment is nerve-wracking and upsetting, but knowing I have such strong bond with where I came from and the people I have grown up with, makes me feel optimistic. I see all the great people from home, and I know that I am one of them. I see how great of a place home is, and I know that that’s where I came from. No matter what path I take, and no matter where my journey leads me, I will always remain loyal to you, my hometown.

Love always,

Your small town, winter hating, Red Wings fan











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