A letter to the older sibling.

Dear older sibling,

There are many responsibilities that come along with being an older sibling, but there are way more duties when you are an older sister. Some include taking care of me, others include making my life miserable. I guess let’s just crank out the list of things I have to thank you for. Warning: some things you may like, others you may not (if you continue reading, you can not get offended).

Alright, here we go. Note: I tried to order these in order from most important to least important, which you and I both know you wont agree with. The first thing I want to thank you for is being the one person to look up to and learn from. Whether it’s making a power point of proper texting acronyms to quiz me on, or getting grounded so I know what NOT to do, I can always rely on you to teach me. Another thing I have to thank you for is your sense of style. It is guaranteed that I have an outfit waiting for me in your closet for when mine decides to fail me. I mean if you had bad style, I really don’t know what I would do with myself. Thank you for giving me someone to bitch at for no apparent reason, although most times there’s a pretty good reason (like you not closing my bedroom door). Because of you, I can always find someone to blame! Yay getting out of trouble!! Thank you for answering my random facetime calls-although you do decline more than you answer. And thank you for being someone I can tell anything to without fear of being judged.

Wow, I sure do make you sound like the worlds best big sis. But let’s be real here.  You always bitch at me, you refuse to let me drive your car, and you never wanna spend time with just me (unless you need someone to go to the mall with you). But if I ever needed someone, you’d be there in a heartbeat. We have moments of love and moments of hate, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We may not look alike, but we act more alike than we think. They say having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. I truly believe that and am grateful to have a forever friend. I’m still not so sure I would classify us as BFFs, but in due time we will be. Baby steps.

Love…and hate….

the best little sister you’ve ever had.




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