A letter to my biggest supporter.


Dear My Biggest Supporter,

Let me just start off by saying that if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be a lot of things. I wouldn’t be where I am at this exact moment, I wouldn’t have the ability to get the last word in an argument, and I wouldn’t be who I am on this very day.

From the moment I entered this world, there you were. Growing up, there you were. Every Popcorn Wednesday in elementary school , there you were, ready to charge 50 cents to all of the students while slipping me my free bag of blue and purple kettle corn. During high school hockey games, there you were to tell me who sucked and who played awesome.  Junior year when committing to eating healthy and working out, there you were to say how  you were proud of me for sticking to something for so long.  When I wanted to meet Ed Sheeran, you were there.


At graduation…you guessed it! There your were, snapping low quality zoomed in pictures of me while cheering me on when my name was finally called. My whole life included you teaching me to laugh and learn and share. Share my toys, share my knowledge, and share my talent. Your only request in return for your wise teachings was that I do what makes me happy….and that I keep my room clean….and that I find a job.

Which brings me to this.

Here I am, sitting in a messy room, unemployed, but doing what makes me happy. Acting. Blogging. Exploring. Learning. I’m learning how to live on my own and how to take care of myself, and learning to improve my talents. I was able to pack up and move across the country because you give me nothing but love and support. You check in to stay updated when I don’t call for a while, but you also answer when I call too many times to ask a question regarding my car…or bills…or insurance…or for anything I don’t know the answer to. Either way, you’re always there.

Now let’s not leave out the big truth. Yes, you support me with encouragement and love, but you also support me financially. If there’s another thing I learned from you, it’s that money doesn’t grow on trees. I know it may seem like at times I don’t appreciate it, but I do….A LOT. I am so privileged and have had so many amazing opportunities that others may not have, and that’s all because you were able to provide them. I wouldn’t have been able to move to California. I wouldn’t have a car. I wouldn’t have data for my phone, that I “occasionally” go over. I wouldn’t be able to come home and visit as often as I do. I know this makes me sound spoiled, but I take it to heart everyday and cannot wait for the day where I can make it all up to you. I know you say I make you proud, but Dad, you make me proud.

I love you forever and always,

your “don’t know when to stop”, over dramatic, darling







4 thoughts on “A letter to my biggest supporter.

  1. Jaclyn…..proud of your dad and proud of you too! You really have a gift for writing from your heart. Miss you……..love you more………Nannie❌⭕️ Sent from my iPad



  2. OMG….you made me cry. I think perhaps you need to explore your writing talent? Your sentence structure and eloquent choice of words; to convey such emotion in a succinct manner is amazing. Yes, your dad is an amazing person, modeled after his father…the best role model of all. And like the father (and mother) who raised you, you have embodied the same beautiful spirit as well. I’m proud to be your great uncle Gary.


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