A letter to my flaws.

Dear flaws,

Since when did you become the definition of someones uniqueness? When did society let you ruin peoples lives when they looked in mirror? I ask you this because I think you’re doing a great job, and I’m guessing that anyone who reads this can agree. You make us insecure and you make us try to be someone we’re not. For that I envy you.

You play such a huge and important role in our personal lives. A little too much if you ask me. Are you even aware of how much power you have over us? I really hope not, because it’s enough to control our lives plus some. You control what clothes we buy, what foods we eat, and even how we act around people. You’re able to get in our heads, and once you do, there’s no way around it. Most of us think we’ll never get rid of you, so we change and hide who we really are to feel better about ourselves. Who gave us the idea that flaws are a negative thing? Why can’t we turn them into a positive? Flaws are what makes us unique, different, and beautiful. Life would be boring if we all looked the same!

I can say you definitely have that effect on me. I could list a whole bunch of “flaws” I think I have, which explains why I am very harsh on myself. I feel like I’m not good enough… BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR WHAT!? NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR WHO!? The only person you should be good enough for is yourself!

Do you ever have those days where you just know it’s gonna be a good one? Like you could rule the world and nothing could stop you? Those days where your outfit is so cute and your hair is so voluminous? Those days where not even your flaws could bring you down?

Me too 🙂

So why can’t we feel like that everyday? Why can’t we focus on the positive instead of the negative? Why can’t we just embrace the flaws we have? Own them? Work them? I agree that it’s easier said than done, but life doesn’t always come easy. Facing the challenges in life is what makes us stronger. I say we f**** whoever told us that our flaws are a bad thing and throw them the middle finger. Just because we see flaws on ourselves, doesn’t mean anyone else does. If we were as hard on other people as we were on ourselves, we’d end up feeling like a horrible person. So why do we allow ourselves to take that much of a beating? I say we start giving ourselves a break, thinking positive thoughts, living a good life, and embracing our flaws.

Dear my flaws,

Thank you for making me unique. Thank you for helping me realize that I choose what defines me. Thank you for being my flaws, I wouldn’t change you for the world.


Your unique, positive, embracer.


One thought on “A letter to my flaws.

  1. You are perfect just as you are!!! You also have an incredible gift for writing!!! You have always been unique( which makes you more special to all who know you ). Love you more…Nannie❤️

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